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Drabble Gifts

Struggling to think of a one-of-a-kind gift for a loved one? How about a personalised drabble (100-word story)? These are perfect for special occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.


How It Works

  • You will be sent a questionnaire about the recipient, to prompt characteristics and memories, and I will write a personalised story.

  • Depending on individual cases, I might ask some follow-up questions, to make sure the piece is a perfect representation of the person.

  • Contact me for more information or if you have any questions:




Sample Drabbles



We amble along the cliff in blazing sunshine, foreheads browning, the twinkling Mediterranean beneath. He walks ahead, searching for Cheirolophus crassifolius, but his eyes are caught by yellow flowers sprouting from a rock. He bends down to investigate, one hand on his thigh, the other adjusting the black backpack that threatens to fall.

          He eventually turns and smiles, my man of His plan, our union set in motion by a dropped prayer meeting leaflet. God is good.

          I smile back at my quietly strong human rock and take his hand. I will hold it for as long as we’re given.

Cheese Scones 

‘This is all we have, sorry.’

          Cheese scones. Duncan spreads his coat over the back of tea-shop chair and scratches his neat RAF hair. He seems tired but serene. 

We eat until we’re full, pressing our fingertips into the stray crumbs. We lose ourselves in conversation – studies and family, travels and training.

          Staff fidget behind the counter. The clock shows that we’ve eaten as many hours as scones. I reach for my coat, smiling at the friend who makes helicopters and time fly. He’ll soon have to return to his training. This is all we have. Until next time.

Drabble Gift Reviews

‘Hannah did a fantastic Drabble for my husband's birthday. If she'd lived in medieval times, she'd have made a fortune as an in-demand writer of love letters. She manages to make Drabbles the 21st century equivalent. Can't recommend enough.’

Anne Collis

‘Hannah did a Drabble for my wife and I as a Valentine's gift. With minimal input from me Hannah caught the moment and put them down in 100 words so I could put them into a Valentine's card for my wife. The best personalised gift you could get for a loved one. We are totally blown away with this. It’s amazing and I would recommend you do the same. Thanks Hannah, you’re a star!’

John Lorenz

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